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Entries accepted from any USBC BA Certified Bowler.

On site re-entry allowed in team event based on lane availability.

Person Bowling

View Current Dates/Times for the 2024 Mixed Tournament:

           **New Times & Oiling Schedule**

Entry Fees

(Per Person, Per Event)

Prize Fee:               $ 12.00
Lineage/Expense:    $ 23.00
Total Per Event:   $35.00

Team + Doubles + Singles = $105
                               (per person)


 *Scratch & Handicap All Events are an additional $5 each* 
No Expense/Lineage fee for All Events

NEW! Scratch Bonus Events: $5/Single, $10/Double, $20/Team

Do you need an Entry Form for the 
2024 Colonial Mixed Tournament?

(You must read and accept the Tournament Rules)

Early Entry Deadline for the
Mixed Tournament is June 7, 2024

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